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Understand the 4 Ways You Hold Back Your Financial Intelligence

by: Rebecca Robertson

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“What actions could you do today to set up a new or stronger financial path?”

Rebecca Robertson

Wealth Strategist


From the book: 10 Ways to Accelerate Your Wealth by Rebecca Robertson

Most women make decisions based on Emotional Intelligence be it personal or financial.

So it is critical to understand our money blocks,

 Learning to put our money-triggers aside and responding from our gut instinct.

This is not something everyone is consciously aware they can do or even maybe that they are doing.

Therefore, financial intelligence does not come naturally to

You have to learn it and develop the skills to understand it. 

In order for you to start your journey into Financial Intelligence, why won’t you take the first step?

I’m passionate about empowering women to take control of their finances, gain confidence in planning their financial future and creating structures and processes for you to succeed. 

I am Mum to two beautiful children, love to walk the dogs, care for my horse and spend time with my loved ones. I have seen so many women fall into the trap of defaulting their future planning to a spouse, or even worse relegating it to the “another day” pile. Get in touch with me today if this resonates with you – I can help, and you will feel empowered and confident about your finances as a result.

I hope you’ll use this workbook to help you understand your money blocks and guide you on how to take action on them.

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