This is an exclusive membership for WOMEN who want to work and empower other women in building wealth and achieving financial independence for a secured future.

Are you wanting more connection and less of online ‘BS’?

Are you wanting to do things more aligned to your values?  

Want to spend less flicking on Facebook and more time supporting other business owners for each others mutual gain?

Would you love to do  business the old school way but in a new way of thinking? 

This is an Alliance, meaning: a mutual relationship of similar interest.

A Collective, meaning: people acting in a group with cooperation.

Our aim is to provide mutual support to assist each other’s business growth via real connection and collaboration.

We are looking for similar thinking business owners who are tired of the online space where only how many followers you have seems to matter…. where in fact old school networking can help you scale and grow your business. More connection with likeminded people and a place to feel comfortable to ask for help….

This is a 3 month commitment to ensure everyone is giving it their best shot at making the collective work.

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Here are exciting events waiting for you inside the Alliance Collective:

✅ Social Meet Up 🤝

Every other month social meet up for coffee in London

Event Meet Up 📆

Once a quarter event meet up, either spa or lunch or other 

✅ Collaboration Call 📞

Once a month a collaboration call with your ‘Matched members’

✅ Round Table Mentoring Session 🔔

Once a month “round table2 mentoring session – book to attend (max of 5)

✅ Accountability Post 📢

Once a week accountability post in FB and whats app

✅ Social Media Connection 🌏

Once a month post on FB and whats app ” looking to connect with

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