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Ethical Investing Masterclass

Thursday 2nd December 7.30pm

Have you thought about investing either in your pension or something else but you aren’t wanting your money to have a negative impact on the world?

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You might be the kind of person who is worried about climate change and the last thing you want to do is find out your money is invested in fossil fuels.

You might be an animal lover and would hate to see that your money is invested in companies who test on animals for make up or home products.

It’s a tricky subject with many grey areas and much greenwashing!

Investments are all about planning for the future, putting your money with businesses which in return provide returns, but what if we could allow our money to grow whilst it does good for the planet, to communities and creates a culture our grandchildren will thrive in.

are you ready to change the world while you grow your money?

Join us and you will discover:

What are ethical returns compared to other types of returns?

What the different kinds of ethical funds are out there?

Understand what ethical investing actually means?

We will go over the following

Case study to compare one portfolio manager standard funds v’s their ethical funds.

3 ways to decide your ethical stance:  Exclusion, Exposure and Impact

Environmental Social Governance and Socially Responsible Investing

If you want to understand how your money might be invested or are wanting to start investing but want to make sure that your money isn’t having a negative impact, join me at my Ethical Investing Masterclass.

Thursday 2nd December at 7.30pm

My FREE Masterclasses run for 1 hour on Zoom, enabling you to access the information that you need about ethical investments from the comfort of your own home.

What will you discover

During your Masterclass you will discover how choosing your investments wisely can have a positive impact on our world. You will learn about why it is a great idea to invest in companies that actively work to reduce carbon emissions, treat their employees well, and shape a better, more equal, society.

You’ll also find out about how ethical funds compare to standard funds when it comes to rates of return and will leave with a better understanding of what ethical investing means for our planet and society.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use your money for good from an Independent Financial Advisor who specialises in Ethical Investing, book yourself a space.

As an Independent Financial Advisor with 21 years’ experience within the industry, I have made it my mission to educate and empower women about how to make their money work harder for them. I also firmly believe that people should have the opportunity to make investments that match their ethical beliefs and morals and am proud to call myself a specialist in ethical investments.


This is about understanding what my money is doing and that it can do some good or it can do harm. It was really important to me to find somebody who could help me think that through and who has a similar set of values.

My experience with Rebecca was really good because she listened to me and tried to address my concerns. I’d done my homework and had some detailed questions, and she gave me the answers. Rebecca’s process made me feel that I’m doing all I can to look after myself and look after my investments. And that’s quite empowering.

Sonja Jutta

I attended Rebecca’s wealth master class webinar last night and it was invaluable. Whether you are a business owner, employed or work in the home Rebecca’s relaxed presenting style immediately sets you at ease and I was comfortable to share more about my relationship with money.


I left the webinar with concrete actions to look at my money pot allocation and really cement my vision for the future. As my business grows I will definitely consider doing her wealth mastermind programme and would recommend any women in business to have a chat with her. Thanks Rebecca!

Sarah Newman

Rebecca was a pleasure to work with on a few FT webinars I put together. She brought great experience and knowledge to the topics at hand and wasn’t afraid to state her opinions on panels. She has been working in this space for some time and has been ahead of her peers in segmenting her advice practice. She is an engaging and passionate speakers and I’ll definitely be working with her in future.

Sarah Fal – Financial Times



Thursday 2nd December 7.30 pm GMT


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