When you’re running a business…it’s hard to get the time & space, to feel totally in control of your finances!


The best news? You DON’T have to do it ALONE!

Let me ask you…

  • Are you getting to the end of a quarter and not sure where you money has gone?

  • Feel like you have more potential but seem to get in your own way?

  • Maybe wanting to lay down the right foundations?

If you answered YES to any of those, you need to be at my free masterclass. I’ll show you how to futureproof your finances in your business!

In this masterclass, we will cover: 


*The six stages of wealth. Where is your head at right now?
What is holding you back and what comes next?


* Revenue streams. 
Discover your next business model, building your revenue stream. 


*Money talks 
How compound interest works how that works and how building your wealth and security


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Hi, I'm Rebecca

Through my financial planning business, I empower women to take the lead in financial services.

I set up Evolution Financial Planning in 2011 as my many years in financial services continually  highlighted the gap between men and women when it came to understanding  and managing  finances.

It  is my aim to raise awareness of  financial issues affecting women and their families, and to put women in the driving seat when it comes to financial preparation.

Through my business, I believe I can empower women  to take  the  lead  in  their financial  services (which is hugely male-dominated)  with  all female financial advisers growing and building their own successful businesses  under the evolution brand.

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