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  • You work hard, but find that at the end of the month you have little to show for it?
  • You don’t know where the money goes or how to get ahead with what you do have?
  • You are feeling frustrated with your finances and want to get ahead with your money?
  • You know there is a world of information but you don’t know where to start to build your wealth?

Do you want to?

  • Have savings in place so you can spend confidently
  • Have a business which is financially efficient and meaning your can earn and pay yourself more!
  • Get investing to build your finances and let your money grow
  • Get knowledge to know how build your wealth the way which suits you
  • Achieve you and your family’s goals by having all the right elements in place
  • Create a legacy to be proud of, for yourself and your family

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The Wealth Hub was formerly known as the Evo-Grow Membership!

Who is Rebecca Robertson?

Rebecca Robertson is an award-winning author, TedX speaker, Podcast host and Independent Financial Adviser who is passionate about helping women gain the confidence to plan their financial future and take control of their finances.

With over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector she has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Financial Times, BBC Radio and other national publications.

As the Times most vouched for Adviser she is also the winner of;

  • Financial Advisor of the Year, Women in Finance Awards
  • Role Model of the Year, Women in Financial Advice Awards
  • Customer Service Winner at Kent Women in Business Awards

As a straight talking, no fluff financial advisor who runs a successful six figure business that also supports other women Rebecca understands the conflicting priorities women face when it comes to finances and believes that when women will become empowered and growing their wealth, it will reduce the wealth gap and poverty.

Incredible Value

Membership Content

For an affordable monthly fee of £35 you will benefit from so much. You can learn at your own pace with recorded videos and access to the online community to ask questions and get support from others…

Money Management Training

The actual tools to support your ongoing money management, allowing you to know what you spend your each month and much more, without a spreadsheet in sight!

Money Habits Online

Create new money habits and understand your value of money with access to the Money Makeover Online Programme (retails £350 however worth £1,500)


Likeminded support and community with women just like you who are looking to create the financial future of your dreams.


"Hands-On" sessions with leading experts on a variety of topics to help you with all things related to finances.

Check out a preview of the exclusive money habits online programme…

Unparalleled Training Available

Money Matters Training

Over 30 sessions designed to help you level up your knowledge and confidence when it comes to money…


Over 10 sessions on wealth management, investing and pensions to help you create that financial legacy of your dreams...


4 Mindset Experts share their tools and techniques that you can implement to get your abundance mindset sorted...


Specialist training to help you when considering whether to add property to your portfolio...


Over 10 trainings on all aspects of business - from starting a side hustle to making passive income...

And Much More...

From managing debt, to navigating your finances with your partner and much more invaluable content which grows weekly...


  • An exclusive online community on Facebook which is a dedicated group for you to share your experiences with like minded women who all share the same desire to get their financial planning sorted!
  • There is weekly hints, tips and inspiration to motivate you with your financial health
  • Targeted mini challenges to inspire action thought, focus and action with tangible activities and focussed support to get you going. 
  • There is a clear on boarding process to get you started, so you don’t have to worry about being marooned in a whole new world!
  • Usual cost £55 per month

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Feedback from Current Members...

“Rebecca’s membership is packed full of accessible information which you can work through at your own pace. The monthly accountability pods are fun and help to keep you focussed. I have learned so much and am in such a better place now financially – highly recommend!

Current Member

“I decided to take the plunge and join Evo-Grow Membership and I am so glad that I did! I may not have got through all of the content yet but I have definitely made a return on my investment each month, the amount that I have saved because of changing my mindset thanks to what I’ve learnt in the group 100% outweighs what I’ve spent on the membership…


“I have known Rebecca Robertson for over 2 years and she has been an awesome financial advisor and on top of that her membership programme is brilliant. It has given me so much more information, which I am utilising fully. 

For less than £1.20 a day, you will get access to hours of resources and training worth thousands of pounds!

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We don’t provide you with advice about what you can invest but we provide a range of training to give you the skills to do this yourself if you wish, or the skills to know what kind of help you need to invest.

As part of your membership you will have access to a downloadable software program to help you organise and manage your money. We at The Wealth Hub buy the software at discount and we provide it to you as part of the program. The License is with you and the developer directly. There is pre-recorded training available on how to use the software

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