Are you ready to feel in control of your finances?

When you’re running a successful business or in a high-pressure career, it can be hard (OK – impossible) to find the time, space and energy to get clear on and take full control of your finances. 

With never-ending to-do lists and multiple plates to spin, it’s no wonder that you never manage to find the time to get your finances under control! Don’t worry – it’s normal, and it’s something I come across a lot. Maybe it’s something you’ve been meaning to sort out, but it just never seems to make it to the top of your to-do list.

Maybe it’s one of those things that when you do eventually get five minutes to yourself, you Google how to manage money, before becoming overwhelmed at the endless pages of information out there, that you swap your laptop for a glass of chardonnay and don’t look at it again. Or maybe you know that you need to take action, but you just don’t know where to start.

Sound Familiar?

If you’ve been burying your head in the sand, I have some news for you...

Do you really want to be working when you’re 70?!

It’s easy to think that everybody else has got it together, but you can have it together too. By taking a closer look at your finances now, we can get you mastering your finances, one small step at a time.

You don’t have to do it all once. But you do need to sit down and get this sorted, once and for all. Let’s sit down together and work it out – I am on your side and part of the team!

Ready to take the first step? Book an intro call with me now!

Are you ready to...

  • Become financially stable
  • Grow and scale your business to multiple-six figures and beyond
  • Maximise your money whilst you’re still earning to give you more options for the future (cue early retirement and holiday home by the beach – yes please!)
  • Start making solid financial decisions in your business and life
  • Make money, manage your wealth and grow your assets
  • Get clarity around your money choices
  • Feel confident with your finances

I can help you

Why am I the best person to help you?

I am an award-winning author, TEDx Public Speaker, Wealth Creation Coach, and expert Independent Financial Adviser with 20 years’ experience in financial advice and planning. I am also a Mum to two beautiful children, two dogs, two cats and a horse called Goose, so I know how busy life can be when you’re constantly having to juggle conflicting priorities and demands. It makes achieving anything related to future-planning feel impossible.

I help busy, ambitious women like you simplify and take control of their finances, gain confidence in planning their future and create the structures and processes they need to succeed. I’ll debunk the jargon and talk to you directly, tailoring my services to suit your needs. I’ll help you make more money, build assets, and become empowered by your ability to manage your finances, so that when you look back from your holiday home in the sun, you’ll be confident that you made the best decisions about your financial planning and your future.

I can help you start living your best life and making more money than you could ever imagine, so what are you waiting for?!

Let’s go!

How can we work together?

My flexible approach to 1:1 coaching means I have two offerings for ambitious women who want to take the next step in getting their finances under control. Working 1:1 with me means you’ll be held accountable for your goals, guided when you don’t know where to go next, and, of course, we’ll have a little fun along the way! You deserve to have clarity, confidence and peace of mind around your money, and I can’t wait to help you get there.

Option 1:
Let’s work together
for the foreseeable!

With my 3-month coaching package, I offer virtual 1:1 coaching on an ongoing basis - perfect for those who are able to devote some short but regular snippets of time, attention and care to their finances.

By investing in this offer, you’ll get:

Investment: £2000 per month

Option 2:
Let’s get
this done!

If you want to get this done and dusted sooner rather than later, my VIP day means that you get all of the above condensed into one day. Perfect for busy women who don’t have time to commit to ongoing coaching.

By investing in this offer, you’ll get:

Investment: £8000

Ready for some amazing results?

optimise - build - achieve

6 Stages to Financial Success Model...

With both options, I provide a bespoke service to help you maximise your financial position, build wealth, and achieve your retirement goals. Together, we’ll use my 6 Stages to Financial Success Model to boost your income, change your habits, and plan for your future.

Financial Vision

Money Mindset Habits

Business Planning

Business Cashflow Management

Personal Money Flows

Financial Wealth Plan

I’ll teach you how take control of your finances, change your money mindset and make better decisions around investing, saving and spending, so that you can take the necessary action to achieve amazing results!

Some things are a priority.
This is one of them.

Nobody wants to look back on their life with regret and wish that they had done more with their hard-earnt cash. Taking the time now to invest in yourself, your business and your life will pay dividends in years to come. You wouldn’t wait to pay your bills, so why wait to get your finances in order? This is your future! Stop relegating it to the bottom of the to-do list, and start taking action towards your goals.

You are in charge of your future!

You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason – you’re already halfway there.

Let’s get this sorted, once and for all.

No more messing about.

No more ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.

No more putting it off until a better time.

There is no better time than right now.

Schedule a call with me and let’s chat further! I love helping women like you get closer to their goals. From one passion-led businesswoman to another, believe me when I say, you won’t regret taking the first step to a secure, abundant future.


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