10 ways to accelerate your wealth

Thursday 7th October
at 7.30pm!

What’s holding you back from living a financially abundant life?  

 Does the life you’re living reflect your business success? 

Many of us have been there. In our professional lives, climbing a career ladder and experiencing success, while still struggling financially at home. Maybe the balances on your credit cards keep you awake at night, or you worry that if something stopped you from being able to earn, everything would fall apart.  

Award winning independent financial adviser Rebecca Robertson invites you to her 10 Ways Webinar where she will introduce you to the key concepts listed in her latest book, 10 Ways to Accelerate Your Wealth. How to align your finances for an abundant life. 

Photography to Soothe the Soul

During the Wealth Accelerator Masterclass, you’ll be able to consider how you will address your current pain points to help you take control of and create your own future.  

  • Discover how learned fears and worries about money could be holding you back. 
  • Learn how taking control of emotional spending can put you in control of your finances. 
  • Listen to Rebecca’s story and how she learnt how to live an abundant life.
  • Find out about Rebecca’s new book and how reading it can make a difference to your future.  
  • Start understanding your money story.  

Thursday 7th October
at 7.30pm!


To begin building a brighter financial future.

This straight talking, motivational, and educational session is the first step on your journey to discovering a bright and abundant financial future.  


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