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How would you like to be more consistent with your money and finances? What would it feel like to be able to build your savings and investments using your own personalized financial plan?

The Wealth Accelerator Planner is the solution! We’ve broken it down into 6 super simple sections that will help you to create your own bespoke wealth acceleration plan.

These sections include previous year’s reflections where we look at what you want the year ahead to look like allowing you to then create your monthly and weekly income goals. As your year comes to a close you can then review how it has gone and reflect on what you could do to create the most amazing results year in year out.


There are several layers to money management and financial planning, with often conflicting desires and pressures. By having your own wealth plan written down, you can then hold yourself accountable and consciously accelerate your wealth plan year in, year out.

About the author...

Rebecca robertson

Rebecca Robertson is an award-winning author, TedX speaker, Podcast host and Independent Financial Adviser who is passionate about helping women in business to gain the confidence to plan their financial future and take control of their finances.  With over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector she has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Financial Times, BBC Radio and other national publications.

Winner of:

  • Financial Advisor of the Year, Women in Finance Awards
  • Role Model of the Year, Women in Financial Advice Awards
  • Customer Service Winner at Kent Women in Business Awards

As a straight talking, no fluff financial advisor who runs a successful six figure business that also supports other women Rebecca understands the conflicting priorities women face when it comes to finances and created this planner to help them start their journey to financial freedom.

Our Happy Clients!

This planner really helps to get clear on your finances, both where you are now, and where you want to be. And because it is written by someone who understand small businesses it works. Having said that, if you aren’t self-employed, you can just ignore those bits and use it for yourself. Setting financial and savings goals and see progress towards them is really powerful. And I believe, simply not burying your head in the sand about money is invaluable.
This planner will help you to feel more in control and clear about your finances and help you to plan for the future.

H Leathers

My husband and I are both business owners and have been talking recently about our own financial plans and getting sorted for the future. I have known Rebecca for years and she was the GO TO person for a planner to assist us. When it arrived I loved the look and feel of it, and I wasn’t disappointed when I opened up!

It has everything that we need to guide us through breaking down our plans and getting on top of our finances. Thank you Rebecca – I can’t wait to use it more. A must-buy for anyone who is looking to get more control over their financial future.

C Wibberley

I’ve been wanting to be more efficient with my money for a while now, and Rebecca Robertson has come up trumps with her Wealth Accelerator Planner.

What I like about it is that it’s broken down into easy to understand sections, and doesn’t feel overwhelming. A must buy if you want to get to grips with being more savvy with your money…

N Rowley

This planner is truly extraordinary value and so well worked. In manageable chunks it takes you through the steps to absolute financial clarity and then onwards to planning your wealth creation journey. It is clear, well presented and beautifully designed.

I have got into the habit of having Money Dates to take a chunk at a time and work through it. It looked beautiful when it arrived and is already well thumbed and written in. I plan on it getting much more “used” very soon!



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