Ep 113 – How do we financially educate our kids?

In this latest podcast episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming Agata Diu, the founder of My Money, My Honey. Her mission? To promote financial literacy among not just adults, but importantly, children too. Sharing her journey from a finance manager to establishing her own business, Agata divulges the unique insights she’s gained along the way.

Having moved to the UK in 2006, Agata faced a cultural shock that led her to delve deeply into the Western world of finance. This exploration sparked her desire to understand diverse cultural perceptions about money. Her passion has driven her to create a platform that encourages conversations about money in a straightforward, accessible manner.

In our conversation, Agata shares valuable tips on how to initiate discussions about money with children. She emphasizes the importance of transforming money conversations into everyday chats, helping to demystify the subject and reduce financial anxiety for the future generation.

However, before we can teach children about money, Agata points out that we, as adults, need to explore our money mindset. She urges parents to become aware of their financial habits, as children learn more by observing their parents’ actions and attitudes towards money.

Intriguingly, Agata suggests introducing the concept of investing to children as young as five years old. She uses relatable analogies, such as planting seeds and watching them grow, to explain the concept of investing and the growth of money.

Agata also provides a glimpse into her new workbook, “Money Coach Your Kids”. This handy guide is filled with activities and exercises designed to help parents talk about money with their children. From teaching the difference between assets and liabilities to distinguishing between needs and wants. Agata’s workbook is a comprehensive guide for parents to navigate these essential conversations.

To all parents, grandparents, and anyone interested in fostering financial literacy in the younger generation, this episode is a treasure trove of practical tips and insights. Don’t miss out on this episode, take a listen now. 

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