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When you’re running a successful business or in a high-pressure career…it’s hard to get the time & space, to feel totally in control of your finances!

Maybe it’s something you’ve been meaning to sort out, but it’s never made it to the top of your list.

The best news? You DON’T have to do it all once!

I’m Rebecca Robertson – The Wealth Strategist. Here to help you not just make more money, but to build assets that create income down the line (so you don’t have to be going live when you’re 70!)…one simple step at a time!

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Find out about the live 6 month financial planning programme and mastermind which will educate and empower you with your decision making…

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Perfect for those who want 1-2-1 targeted support with my eyes on your finances. This will be 1 HOUR session for £220 only!

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Get more knowledge in how to build your wealth in the way that suits you!

Financial planning advice for ambitious women...

From a straight-talking wealth creation coach & multi award-winning qualified Independent Financial Advisor

Published Author

My books, 10 ways to Accelerate Your Wealth: How to align your finances for an abundant life and Accelerate your wealth Planner are leading authority on financial planning education for women.

TedX Speaker

My speech on ‘If Women Ruled the World’ has had thousands of views on YouTube and has received global praise.

Multi Award Winning

7 x times award winner – including Financial Advisor of the Year and Role Model of the Year.

real wealth creation stories...

gain clarity and focus on your wealth creation goals

Here’s the thing… what would your future self say to you in 10 or 20 years’ time? “Come on… what are you playing it, just take a bit of time to get this set up!”… Or maybe “I am now having to work for another 15 years longer because you aren’t doing anything!” Or perhaps.. “Stop spending so much on the kids and worthless stuff! Wow we could have done so much more with your hard-earnt money!”

As a female wealth creation coach, I can help you get the clarity and control over your finances so that you can look back and be confident that you’ve made great decisions about your financial planning and future wealth creation goals.

Remove the fear about your future...

Clients come to me and say that they are worried about the future, what their retirement would look like, where they are going with their finances, wanting a better lifestyle with holidays or paying for their kid’s university. They want to become confident and at peace with their money!


Before I started working with Rebecca, I was feeling overwhelmed and struggling to make a decision as to how to best manage an inheritance on a long term basis. I’m so glad I got in touch with EFW. Rebecca really helped me to get some perspective, and gave very clear cut practical advice as to what options were available to me. It’s changed the way I think about financial planning - it feels much less stressful and daunting with Rebecca's advice and support. Now, I feel much more in control and that I am making the best possible, informed, choices for me and my family. I would highly recommend Rebecca’s services - she's been an amazing help.”

Helen Jackson
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Whether it’s planning for your financial future, a new mortgage or how to best invest your inheritance, pensions and investments, visit our regulated advice website Evolution Financial Planning.

Finding the right female financial advisor is a sensitive task – you want to be sure that you can rely on the skills of the financial advisor, like the style of the independent financial advisor and most importantly trust the expertise of the female IFA. As I have over 20 years of experience in the finance sector and having worked with a wealth of clients with a variety of financial planning needs, I am perfectly placed to be able to provide you with straightforward, clear advice to support your financial goals and ambitions. 

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