EP 55- Financial Independence Series: Strategies to maintain your financial independence

In today’s podcast we focus on the strategies to maintain your financial independence which can help you with your financial journey. I wanted to share this message so that you can learn from some of those mistakes that I see with other people’s experience which you might be experiencing right now or might have the potential to experience in the future. This is about how best to make some financial decisions now that your future self will thank you for.

Be really clear on what it is you want.

If you’re clear on what it is that you want ,then you have a clear vision and realistic milestones to get there. Ask yourself, what is it that you want or what is it you want to be in a situation of in a year or two or three years time. What strategies have got you to where you are, and what values do you really strongly connect with that means that you want to shift and go in a different direction? 

Create options to make more money in.

This could be changing jobs, taking some qualifications to get a better paid job, or training in an area they really enjoy. And it means that you can then, maybe start your own business. Or it might be helping out some friends. So then when you’ve got those options, you’ve got more money coming in.

Look into how you could get maybe a few more hours? When do those hours increase? What other help could you get? What qualifications or training could you take? What other side jobs could you do? What conversations do you need to be having to move you towards having that financial independence?

Making more money to manage it and multiply it.

Start with doing some basic money management. Once you start to make more money you can start investing. You can start multiplying what you got. You could open up a second business, you could start experiencing more, possibly having to pay for a coach to come to help you increase your skill set. You might have a personal coach or counselor to help you overcome personal previous traumas which makes you feel more confident to go for bigger contracts or bigger jobs, or to market yourself more confidently.

In general, most people are looking to retire early or looking at options to sell their business or step back from the business, simply the idea of not having to work as much. It’s all about reducing your debts in line with that, but at the same time investing.

Visit my website for some free webinars to help you achieve your financial goals. But if you’re looking for regulated financial advice, then this is where you should go. Be sure to go and check out my two books, a journal diary planner called a wealth accelerator planner and 10 ways to accelerate your wealth book.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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