Ep.99 Making Tax Sexy: Tax isn’t something to avoid

This episode focuses on tax management and financial empowerment. Hetty and I share our insights on common tax problems, strategies for tracking expenses and maximizing deductions delving into the mindset around money, and offering tips for setting achievable financial goals.


To begin with we kick off by discussing the importance of tracking expenses and separating business and personal finances, sharing practical tips for managing expenses, including using accounting software and hiring a financial advisor. 


Shifting the conversation toward taxes and discussing the common problems that business owners face regarding taxes, we share the importance of staying organized and keeping accurate records of all financial transactions.


We also share out thoughts on the role of mindset in financial success and the benefits of having a positive mindset when setting achievable financial goals and how financial freedom can be achieved through good financial planning.

This episode is definitely packed with valuable insights and advice for business owners looking to take control of their finances and achieve long-term financial success. So be sure to tune in and listen. 


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