EP51- Female Financial Independence Series: What is the main driver why women leave relationships?

In today’s episode, I will be joined by Sara Davison, best known as ‘The Divorce Coach’ with 26 years of personal experience of marriage breakdown to help clients cope with challenges including heartbreak, betrayal, conflict, confidence building, co-parenting, being effective in the workplace during divorce and dating again. She is an award-winning authority on break-ups, divorce and life-empowerment with a client list that spans actors, politicians and sportsmen.

Women commonly change relationships, leave their partners after years of courtship and possibly a fancy wedding and move away from the relationship because of breakdown in communication according to the expert, Sara Davison. 

Red flags at the beginning of the relationship most of the time get ignored which leads to domestic abuse overtime. The reason being is that women don’t go into relationships looking for red flags necessarily, unless you’ve been in a really toxic relationship. Women get drowned so much in the tactic called LOVE BOMBING, where you feel amazing, everything seems so perfect and wonderful. Like in fairy tales. Full of romance, gifts and promises of forever so you end up believing that you don’t want to start looking for problems.

There is no harm in wanting the best for ourselves and dreaming big for our future. We must start to normalize DISPOSAL CULTURE where if you don’t like it, change it. Whether we like it or not, we are the role models for our kids. Our actions, decisions and priorities turn out to be the standards of a kid’s idea of the norm. This then becomes their way of life when they get into relationships in the future.

Women’s expectations and requirements in relationships have never changed, it’s just that the standards may have increased to self worth, self esteem and the belief in ourselves that we can have whatever we want.

All women deserve to be happy in themselves and most especially in the relationships they are in. So Here are few things you can do to make it work:

  1. Get your partner involved. Sit down with them and be open in saying you need this important conversation with them. Make sure they are mentally prepared and they understand what’s coming. Start the conversation about what you love about them.
  2. In a gentle way, point out the areas you want to improve. Do not escalate the conversation into NAGGING. It won’t help.
  3. Commit on actions to be done by both parties to improve what needs to be changed in the relationship.

Financially speaking, there isn’t any specific reason why couples argue about money. It’s all of the things you can think of. Whatever the situation and health of the relationship, make sure you, as a woman, know what your financial future looks like and you work your way to achieve it. 

Few best resources you can check out are Sara’s books called Uncoupling: How to survive and thrive during breakup and divorce. And the second book is called The Split. It’s 30 days from breakup to break through. Both will give you tools to cope with the rollercoaster of breakups and divorce.

As well as these powerful books you can also grab a copy of my 10 ways to accelerate your wealth amazon bestseller book and a copy of my wealth planner designed to help women create their own financial confidence and security. 

You can listen to the full podcast here

If you have been affected by any of the contents talked about on our blog post and our podcast please do get in touch with Womens Aid for additional support and guidance.

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