EP69 – Next Level Series : Day 5 – When to start investing?

Delivering you today number five of my five part mini-series coming up for my next level challenge. We are talking about when to start investing.

As a business owner, it is important to focus on the 3 phases of the business, first the make phase, then manage phase and finally the multiply phase. When we talk about investing, it is the “multiplying’’ phase of the business. In terms of hierarchy, investing or multiplying is on the top part so to fulfill that we need to make sure that the foundation is in place. You have to have financial planning, life insurance, pension savings, all those things are supposed to come before you start investing. So a good time to start investing is once you’ve done the foundations. Start to invest with a small amount and you can do it by yourself or you can find an expert to help you.

We’re spending more money on things that actually don’t have a return on investment, when there are so many things that we weren’t told that we should do. So to focus on what revenue tasks work is crucial.

In the challenge, we will be talking more about when to start investing in a more in-depth way. We will also discuss what steps could you take to consider ticking off some of the foundational areas and set them in place so you can finally be able to confidently start investing. The challenge will not only be all discussions, it’s more of a workshop type.

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