EP71- Female Financial Independence: The 10 Archetypes women need to know to achieve their goals

My guest for today is Lucy McCarraher and we will be talking about the 10 Archetypes women need to know to achieve their goals. 

I’ll start off by introducing Lucy. She is the Founder of Rethink Press, the premier hybrid publisher of business books, the Founder of the Business Book Awards, and Host of ABOO – A Book of One’s Own online support and mentoring group for women authors and aspiring authors. She is the UK’s most experienced business book mentor and has mentored over a thousand entrepreneurs, experts and business owners to write and publish their books. She Lucy is the author of 13 books – three novels, four self-help books and six books on writing, including A Book of One’s Own – a manifesto for women to share their experience and make a difference, and Bookbuilder (with Joe Gregory). She is a speaker and mentor. She has a post-graduate diploma in teaching Creative Writing and Literacy. 

Goals are important because they serve as your guide to moving towards anything you want to and without them you’re not necessarily moving in a concerted direction which means you’re not aiming for what you have decided that you want.

 It’s important to have small goals but also take into consideration what the bigger goal looks like at the end. It is crucial to understand what our motivation is in achieving what we are trying to achieve. It’s all about passion and purpose filling you up towards your goal.

There are 10 archetype that women need to achieve their goals:

  1. The impostor- It’s having the thought and the feeling of not being good enough. It is having the fear of being called out.
  2. The Risk Assessor- It’s having the moment of panic when risk is involved. Women are more risk averse than men. This is caused by part of our brain trying to protect us from danger. 
  3. The Twin- It is having the mentality that you can’t do it because you are a woman or it is too difficult because you are a woman. This gives you the idea that men are better at doing something than women.
  4. The Angel- Having the expectation that you are meant to do everything for other people. 
  5. The Big Sister- A habit of thinking you need to be responsible for everybody. It is looking after the needs of everybody before you put your needs.
  6. The Cinderella- Someone who always feels stuck at home. Someone who thinks she has no time, no extra money or no option to accommodate other important things to do because she is stuck at doing so much at home.
  7. Miss Moneypenny- The ability to multitask. The power to do loads of things in balance.
  8. The Librarian- The ability to put your consciousness away and wander and come back with all brilliant ideas and information. That gives your subconscious the time to process and it will then kind of come back to you with the answer.
  9. The Mentor- The internal mentor inside who got the answers, you just need to stop and listen. Sometimes, it’s going with your gut feeling but knowing that that gut feeling is right for you. It’s your intuition.
  10. The Hero- The one who overcomes the challenge and has achieved her goals.

These archetypes are like visitors who come knocking at your door to play their specific roles that impact greatly on how you will or will not achieve your goal. At the end of the day, what matters is to be aware of them, recognize them coming to visit, then push back against them or thank them for warning you, but assure yourself that everything will be fine. It is about doing something to shift things over to the next level in achieving your goals.

As business owners, writing a book gives you 4 key benefits:

  1. It gives you clarity about your business and what you do and how you do it. It gives you confidence to pitch your business to ideal clients. It’s the self-development you get from writing.
  2. It gives you a sense of authority in your field. Whenever you write a book, people will suddenly see you differently, they see you as the authority and the experts in a different way. 
  3. You get your prospects and clients.Your book magnetizes ideal clients to come back to you and work with you.
  4. It opens opportunities for you to be visible on different platforms be it podcasts, media, social media. 

Writing a book can give sold value to you and your business . 

So you are encouraged to write a book because it gives a solid value to you and your business. If you need a mentor in doing so, reach out to Lucy McCarraher here:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LucyMcCarraher/

Facebook Group – www.facebook.com/groups/ABOOCircles

Twitter, Clubhouse, Instagram – @lucymccarraher 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucymccarraher/

Website : www.rethinkpress.com

Listen to the full podcast here

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