EP73- Female Financial Independence Series: The Emotional Side of Money

We have today with us, Dr. Joanna Martin who is an architect and accelerator of change, Dr Joanna Martin has worked with hundreds of prominent business leaders, campaigners, entrepreneurs and difference-makers across the globe.  She’s passionate about the potential of a new kind of leadership grounded in compassion, connection, courage, clarity and creativity: a style of leadership that she has crafted, practised and honed over decades as a medical doctor, serial entrepreneur and founder. 

We’re gonna be talking about the emotional side of money. And we’re going to talk about how are you showing up when it comes to money? What is triggering you? What are the fears coming up for you? And we’re going to talk that through using the power types. As we look into the five power types and the particular patterns that we might see expressed through our financial results.

The Mother

Mother power type is that place of safety of unconditional love and acceptance. This is the power type where we very happily sacrifice for those that we deem to be our family. Mother will sacrifice for people that she thinks are nearest and dearest. Energetically, we exhaust ourselves by putting everybody else’s needs ahead of our own. Financially, we sacrifice for the future financial well being of the family at the moment, coming a bit from guilt that what I need is not as important compared to what my kids need.

The Queen

Queen is decisive, clear, boundaried. She works from a place of structure and system. And she has a vision for the realm, which is beyond the day to day. She has a vision for where things going to go, that isn’t what we see in the here and the now. 

The Lover

The part of us that is centered in self-care. That is the center our sensuality and our sexuality, but she’s also the part of us that brings ambiance and beauty to spaces that nurtures and looks after ourselves. We will spend a little bit of money to enjoy it as a treat.

The Warrioress

It’s a part of us who fights against injustice, she rallies the troops, she loves to start things, she loves to solve problems, she’ll roll up her sleeves, get things done.

The Sorceress

Sorceress is the part of us that connects to whatever we call that something greater, as Suzy Heath says “It’s what keeps the plot and it’s in their orbits.” It may refer to God or goddess or Allah. For others it is your intuition, your higher self, the human spirit, quantum physics. She understands and she knows that life can be trusted, and that life will change. She does gratitude practice and attracts more in.

We want to be bringing all of these different energies of the power types into our relationship with money in a wholesome kind of way. Having to budget the money allows us also to prioritize a bit of energy for each of these power types’ ways of operating.

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If you want to know what power type you have, take this quiz to discover: https://oneofmany.co.uk/powertypes/

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