EP74- Female Financial Independence Series: Move out of your own way

Today’s episode is about moving out your own way with Melanie Coeshott who is Blue Diamond Coach. She supports mid-care professionals to feel energised, empowered & focused, so they can confidently succeed in their career, gaining the results they merit. After a successful 22-year career in finance positions, Melanie now enables others to reach their true potential. Her specialisms include working with clients to build their confidence and quieten imposter syndrome to enable them achieve results they’re truly capable of. Stakeholder influence and impact are also common themes. Melanie is CPDSO Accredited Coach of Excellence and was named as the Most Empowering Female Career Coach 2020.

The recent pandemic has impacted the way we move out of our own way. It became a little bit more challenging. People started to get the feeling of overwhelm and getting stressed about how to get through the day. Even so after the pandemic, we know that life is already starting to go back to normal but still there are a lot of instances where we come across these challenges and the questions we have in mind right now is how to be in a better situation?

Understanding your motivation. If you don’t fully understand what your motivation is, you can easily get distracted, or it can really get in our own way. Be clear on what’s important to you because it will help provide the direction for you. This can help you to overcome some of the self sabotage that crops up along the way.

Naming that inner voice. The inner voice is a narrative that’s going on in your head. And yet there is no truth about it. It’s that voice that keeps coming around and around. It is key to give that voice a name, acknowledge its presence but have that self-awareness that you are the driver of your life and start the reframing process of not giving-in to what the inner voice is telling you but instead highlight the good things about you and know the value you give the people around you and keep reminding yourself that you are on the right track.

Have some self-awareness. Taking the time to look at how you react in different situations. Look into the patterns so you won’t keep doing things that are not serving you well.  And it goes back to looking at your priorities because sometimes doing less is more.

3 top tips to wealth creation:

  1. Keep an eye on the horizon. Understanding what’s important to you, in the longer term, where you are really aiming for is key. Know what your priorities are and how do they all fit into a time time perspective.
  2. Know what’s going on. Have access to information because if not, how to know if you’re in a good way along to where you’re aiming for. And it can then help you make wise, sound decisions when necessary.
  3. Be open to doing different things. If an opportunity comes your way. And you want to give it a go, give it a go. And what that can lead to is a whole variety of different things in a rewarding perspective. 

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Or visit her website at https://bluediamondcoach.com

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