EP76- Female Financial Independence Series: What it means to embody wealth

This subject came up around alignment, money and energy matchings. Today, we’re having Lisa Wynn with us to talk about what it means to embody wealth. Lisa is a Master Certified Coach, Certified Wealth Creation Coach and Human Design Specialist working in the field of Legacy Creation. Her huge mission is to evolve the paradigm of changemaking – to see more health, wealth, happiness and ease in the lives of incredible changemakers worldwide. She works with socially inspired entrepreneurs, coaches and organisations from aid agencies to government departments and household name corporations.

Oftentimes, because we are so worked up to get everything done, we have the tendency to jump from one task to another and end up getting stressed over things. We forget to batch up our time and energy to make sure we feel comfortable with what we are doing and make sure we get things done harmoniously before calmly moving on to the next thing on the list. It happens not just in work and business but also in health, wealth and everything in the aspect of life.

Synchronicity is where we are in alignment with not just what’s our direction, what’s our path and be on it, but be aligned with how we’re designed to walk along that path. And the alignment between our human design and the path we take is greatly influenced by how we are conditioned by our family. our society and by ourselves.

We’re so deeply conditioned about what it means to be worthy and about how we should show up. And this is so important to our wealth creation. When we’re in synchronicity, we’re in a situation where we follow our destiny. When we’re aligned, when we’ve recognized our conditioning and let it go, then naturally we become magnetic to wealth, and then it’s just about managing what comes in.

The worst thing that can happen is to be successful doing something in a way that’s unhealthy for you. The problem arises when we’re out of alignment and we’re conditioned to do something we don’t actually like, then what we’re magnetizing is absolute stuff we don’t want. What we need to do is look at what it is we genuinely want, not what we are conditioned to want. Then we can attract whatever it is that we actually really want in life and be genuinely happy about it.

The embodiment piece is knowing how you are designed to work and doing what’s really fun for you, what’s lighting you up. It’s about finding that balance, the yin and the yang, alignment. This is the depth of embodiment of wealth, the real wealth. 

When you really embody wealth, your money is making an impact either in how you earn it, how you spend it, how you save it or how you protect yourself for the future. And it probably feels so good. It will definitely feel like genuine abundance. 

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