EP84 – Financial Detox Week 1: Needs, Wants and Purpose

This weeks podcast is centered around a Financial Detox that I’ve started hosting inside my free group to help my friends, my family, my clients, community, and all women here so they can save more and put money aside for winter especially now that we can see the increase in everything impacted by inflation not going down yet. It’s part of my life’s purpose to help people when it comes to finances because I feel like it is my skill set to explain and share to people anything about finances in the best and easiest way I can.

In week 1 of our Financial Detox, we talked about how we can save up money up to the end of the month by distinguishing where our money goes between our wants or needs and understanding the purpose so we can make wise decisions on our spendings. 

By reducing your outgoings or reducing your spend, you get the chance to have money left at the end of the month. It is important to define how much would you like left at the end of the month. So you can pick a figure. You can work out an average of how much you make and then take 5%  or 10% of that and set that as your savings goal. The challenge is to save that by the end of the month. 

Let’s get into our money mindset. Everyone can be triggered by money in many different ways. We all have different emotions and feelings around money. Whatever feeling and mindset we have around money, it helps to analyze it and think why we have that around money.

It is also crucial to look at what we really focus on. It’s the law of the universe, it’s physics that what we put out is what we get back. So if you’re feeling light and love and happiness, then you get more and feel more of that. But equally, that doesn’t mean that you then ignore emotional feelings because sometimes it gets worse if we don’t deal with them. It’s about having balance. 

How do I find my own balance? I go into a 21-day manifestation. I focus on the things today around gratitude around the things that are not bothering me, but actually bought me love and light and my family feel warm and happy. And then I journal. If it’s something that you can journal on, then do that. If you want to talk about it in the group, you can do that. And it’s just making small shifts in the right direction, baby steps one step at a time.

What’s important is I start my day off in the right mindset. So I’m clear on how I want my day to look and how I want it to feel. It gives me a really good head start. Just starting my day more positively. 

Where energy flows, money grows. So if you’re giving negative things that actually don’t light you up that focus, it’s not really going to fulfill and come back round. So giving things the right purpose is really important.

Make conscious choices about how you spend your money and what you spend your money on. That’s one way for you to give your money a purpose. Looking at how we’re spending “EVERYDAY MONEY” is crucial. We have to choose where to give purpose and love and light to our money. Let’s choose how we spend money in a purposeful way around what our needs and our wants. Make choices around prioritizing. So you have to distinguish what your needs and wants are.

So let’s try a little exercise. Grab a piece of paper and pen. Just write down a column for needs and a column for wants. When you think of buying something, don’t buy it. Put it in your needs and your wants section. At the end of the month or after the detox, go back to your list and assess if you still want it. 

I’d love you to share with me how you find doing that either by emailing me or if you are inside my Facebook Community come and share it with us there as I love reading and hearing about your wins. 

On a final note I just wanted to leave this with you. I truly believe it’s important that when you’re trying to grow something or you’re trying to shift something, you’re trying to challenge yourself in some way that you really have the right healthy mindset around it. We have to go all in,  make a decision, a commitment with a really open mind and open heart. Give it your best shot and see what happens. 

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