Ep.105 Do we only need life cover?

Jennie & I  dive deep into the world of life cover and insurance, demystifying these crucial financial safety nets and their impact on your financial future. We touch upon the importance of having the right kind of insurance policies, such as life cover, critical illness, income protection, and business insurance.

We share our thoughts &  ideas on how to evaluate existing insurance policies, ensuring they align with your current needs. Plus, we highlight the importance of having open and honest conversations about insurance with your family.

We also bring to light the significance of insurances such as executive income protection and key person insurance for business owners which you won’t want to miss if you have a business! 

Packed with engaging real-life examples, this episode really is more like a guide that will help you to understand insurance matters and make informed decisions to secure your financial future.

Whether you’re a homeowner, self-employed, or seeking to protect your family’s financial future, this episode offers invaluable insights and tips. 

For more information and personalized financial advice, visit http://www.evolutionfinancialplanning.co.uk my regulated financial advice website.

Have any questions or feedback? Feel free to email me at rebecca@rebeccarobertson.com. I would love to hear from yo

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