Ep 106- Becoming A Money Boss

In this episode of “Accelerate Your Wealth,” I have guest speaker Jo Davison, a successful money and business mentor, speaker, and author.

Jo shares her journey from being a chiropractor to creating the “She’s a Money Boss” academy, a program used by women worldwide to improve their financial habits. She speaks about her past struggles, including being caught up in the pressures of running a business, being a mother, and navigating her financial challenges.

Jo reflects on a life-altering health scare that forced her to rethink her priorities and approach to work and life. She shares her journey of self-discovery and transformation, learning about money management, and becoming the Chief Financial Officer of her business. Jo also discusses her passion for helping other women achieve financial independence and success on their terms.

Jo and I delve into the importance of mindset in achieving financial goals, the significance of having a mentor, and the need for balance in life. Jo’s inspiring story serves as a reminder that anyone can achieve success, regardless of their starting point, with dedication, hard work, and the right mindset.

Connect with Jo : 

You can find her at https://www.shes-a-money-boss.com/ where she has free tools to get you started on your money boss adventure.   

Jo has an event on October 6th in London, UK ‘She’s A Money Boss’ Live for any female entrepreneur who wants to take control of their money and their life. Here is the link: https://shesamoneybosstraining.com/liveevent As you are part of my audience, use the code 20OFF and get 20% off tickets. 

https://www.instagram.com/iamjo.davison/ https://www.facebook.com/ShesAMoneyBoss


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