Ep 117 – Why are women not getting the retirement they desire?

Today’s episode is with our guest Susan Hope, a financial specialist with Scottish Widows, who discusses the various challenges women face in retirement and how they can better prepare for this stage of life. Susan, who joined Scottish Widows two and a half years ago, brings over 30 years of experience in the industry and is now managing a sales team, helping employers create workplace saving schemes.

Susan shares the findings of Scottish Widow’s 19th annual report, focusing on the structural inequalities that women face in retirement. The report used a new approach, examining the lifestyle women could expect in retirement rather than focusing on the savings index. The findings were stark, with 40% of women not having enough to meet the minimum standard of living in retirement. For single mothers, this figure was even higher at 75%.

Shifting the conversation to potential solutions that could improve women’s financial well-being, Susan emphasises employers’ role in changing the narrative around pensions and helping employees see the value of their contributions. She suggests employers should provide tools and resources to help employees understand their pension provisions.

This episode also touches on the concept of a “pot for life” and the proposed pensions dashboard, both aimed at simplifying pension management for individuals. Susan highlights the need for transparency and open conversations about money, both in the workplace and at home.

If you are interested in understanding the financial challenges women face when planning for retirement this podcast will be a great one to listen to.. It offers practical tips on taking control of your financial future and underscores the importance of early engagement and understanding pension provisions.

Connect with Susan further via her LinkedIn. 

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