Ep 116 – How to get your sh*t together for a successful 2024

Our first podcast of 2024 and we are kicking it off with an in-depth conversation between Abigail Langridge owner of Poppins PA and I, around effective time management, work-life balance (or rather, blend), and how to cope with the demands of a busy schedule.

Abigail supports high-achieving women in reclaiming their personal lives and to alleviate their headspace of all things that keep them awake at night and interrupt them throughout the day. 

She brings the true essence of having a personal assistant alive, tailoring her support to each person. Poppins PA has been created from a place of longing and for wanting each woman to realize why they do what they do, ensuring these women are supported as individuals for them to show up as their best selves professionally.

Abigail has scooped up Mary Poppins and brought her into the modern day!

And now Poppins PA offers a new 6-month Accountability Time Management program to support you with making the shift from chaos to calm; with weekly calls, having Abigail available on Voxer, and learning how to finally manage a blend of work life that fits for YOU!

Connect With Abigail  


Instagram: @poppinspa


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