EP41- Guilt-free eco-ideas for raising your kids

This week, it is my pleasure to have an enlightening conversation with Jen Gale about Guilt-free eco-ideas for raising your kids. Jen Gale is an ordinary, knackered mum of two whose life changed when she dragged her family into a year of buying nothing new. Jen is the author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide, and The Sustainable(ish) Guide to Green Parenting, and runs the Sustainable(ish) blog, podcast and online community. She is also the founder of The Knackered Mums Eco Club. Jen lives in Wiltshire with her family.

While having a chat with Jen, I became cognizant of the impact of things we normally use daily to the health of my children over time. These normal things we do don’t just affect the health of our family as a whole, it also adds to the suffering of the Earth as a whole. Simply, from thermostat usage to non biodegradable consumption it all greatly impacts everyone’s health, especially our children.

On the other hand, our mindset on money is a big contributor to our financial choices and decisions. This in turn affects our view of how we should run our daily life. We are so consumed with what we see in social media that we tend to spend our money on things not just we don’t need but on things that may harm our health. As simple as overbuying balloons for our kid’s party. The fact that these non-biodegradables go into the landfill, we spend so much money for a single-use item. Is that wise? Think twice.

We can find ways to strengthen healthy living and healthy lifestyle as parents to serve as good examples to our children. Practical tips to do that where shared by Jane in our discussion on this week’s episode. This has been very helpful in increasing my own awareness and eagerness in changing and improving the way I do my daily grind to assure good health for my family and I hope that it is of value to you also. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight but if we start now, we can be at a better place than where we were before. 

As you know, I love when listeners give me questions after listening to my podcasts. So if you have any, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message and I’ll do my best to answer and be sure to go and connect with Jen further if this resonates with you. 

Listen to the full podcast here

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