EP42- Active hope for our planet and the changes we can make without stressing ourselves out

I am so proud to have a significant conversation with Emma Woolliams who is an environmental Scientist. She helped me understand what’s going on with the world now, how climate change is impacting our planet and of course how we are going to make necessary changes within our control without getting too stressed out.

She discussed how her job is getting more information and more details about the Earth and how the team can make more accurate and more local predictions for the future. This is crucial because this becomes the starting point so people in authority can start talking about what it means to London and because these satellites are covering the entire globe’s situation, the reports and discussion will also impact the world as a whole.

Currently, we still aren’t in the position to claim that we already have revived the Earth from the horror of climate change but positive stories in rebuilding our planet are in the works. And it is recognizably impactful to begin with.

She mentioned that the climate trend is small at the moment but forceful results may be felt overtime as the Earth is indeed heating up. So, to actually predict and prepare, a longer period of future time is considered to get a better understanding of the behavior of the trends.

Having the situation of the Earth in mind, the great news is to put our mind into Emma’s mantra called “Think Global, act local” which means we think of the world but solutions can start within us locally. Local solutions have been enumerated, magnified and strengthened in our discussion which I think in any way, doable for every individual. Initiatives I am talking about are around our financial and moral decisions that may impact the environment as well as social and environmental impact of our brand choices.

Remember to start with what’s easy to do. If we start now, we will be able to enjoy and show our love to the planet by realizing the result of our individual initiatives to the environment. We can’t change what has happened to Earth but we can contribute to a better future for the planet.

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