EP77- Female Financial Independence Series: How to overcome your subconscious to sell more and create a powerful sales and money mindset

We have with us, Sheree Owen who is a sales strategist, business coach, and sales expert , Co- Founder of Business Spa Escapes, & My Wellbeing Business Coaching. With over 25 years creating and launching businesses, she supports people taking their first business and sales steps with confidence. She is going to help us understand how to overcome your subconscious blocks to sell more and create a powerful sales and money mindset which aims to help you find your authentic selling voice, and tap into the best way to build relationships and win business for your ideal clients. Understanding your own personality and the power of your personality to know your authentic selling voice.

Sales have always had a negative hit, it is possibly because when people hear the word of sales, automatically, It’s the idea that these salespeople might have to work in a specific particular way. They’ve got targets and they’ve got pressure to hit a sales target which results in them becoming a bad pushy type of salesperson. But sales in business doesn’t have to be like that at all.

So when you’re a small business owner, you’ve got to step into what I call two different mindsets. Your authentic selling voice, which is you. Understanding what your strengths are, as a entrepreneur, as business owner in what you offer, and how you communicate that with your prospective ideal clients. With the authentic selling approach, you develop the relationship being yourself with structures and boundaries around it. If you don’t have the structures and boundaries and systems around selling in the online world, you’re going to let stuff fall through the cracks and you won’t make enough money. Then step into what we call the closing zone of sales. This is where you’ve got your own sales system and processes in place.

If someone doesn’t believe in what they’re selling, they can’t sell it. When people are trying to sell something they don’t believe in, that’s where the old style pushy sales professional turns up.

There’s some old antiquated beliefs, values and mindsets around women and money. Lots of women in business aren’t really in business to make money. People are now more motivated to make more money because of the rising cost of living. But if you want to succeed in business, you should love what you do and be passionate about it. If you’re not selling, then you can’t really make money. And if you can’t make money, you haven’t got a turnover. And if you haven’t got turnover, then you haven’t got a profit. And then if you haven’t got profits, you can’t pay yourself.

Color profiling also called Clarity 4D, was one of the easiest ways to trainsales professionals in the field of management and leadership and understanding who you really are as a business owner. When identifying ourselves or each other as different color energies will have all the different colors within us red, yellow, green, blue. Yellow and red are extroverted color energy. yellow energy in a salesperson in using it in business tends to be when you’re networking, when you connect with others, you’re out there being visible, you’re speaking on a stage, you’re doing podcasts, you’re doing interviews, that kind of thing. Red is all around strategy leadership, being passionate, being focused, being assertive, really loving talking about what you do, action takers. And then we’ve got the other two colors, which are green and blue, the green and blue color energies are more on the introverted side of personality.

If you understand your color profile this, you would understand how to sell more. Your personality profiling can help anybody grow their business. You will  be able to understand where the strengths and weaknesses were in your approach and who you needed to bring in, which is the perfect way to do business.

When you try to sell yourself and people don’t buy, then you are going to feel that you’ve failed and that’s where you start to question your worthiness. This is a wrong mindset. Always remember that the outcome of the sales are not a reflection of your value and your worth.

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