EP78- Female Financial Independence Series: Coming Back To Me

In today’s episode, we’re gonna be talking about coming back to me. It’s all about coming back and finding yourself and how all that links back to money and wealth. I am joined by Star Monroe who is certified psychotherapist, eating psychology coach, relationship coach, sex, love & dating coach, somatic bodyworker, dominatrix and retired showgirl. She’s gonna be sharing a little bit about her journey and so much more to get you thinking about what things you could be putting in place and what things you need to be considering. She is here to remind women that (mid)life and menopause are games to play, and this time, you make the rules.

A lot of women are wrapped up in the identities that they thought they had to take on to conquer the world. Women will pick up personas, identities or masks to get through life. In reality, a lot of challenges are happening inside because you can’t express your real emotions. You couldn’t tell anyone how you felt. Until you end up being emotionally illiterate. This kind of thinking and behavior is greatly impacted by how you were taught in your childhood.

If you don’t do something to change how you run your unhappy life today, then the last half of your life is going to be really messy. So It is important to have that self awareness of what’s going on in you today. Always remember that there must be another way to create a better life if you want to and if you are willing to work for it. It’s not about the destination for the journey. And most people are so brainwashed that if you just think amazing thoughts, then everything’s gonna come to you and you’re changed. And it doesn’t work like that. It’s actually you being aware of it and doing something to change your life. 

How do you do that? The first thing is to hold space for that. You have to create time and space so you can work on your conditioning, then it’s the healing, then it’s the alignment. You’ve got to start becoming aware of everything. Then this will help you learn how to be more kind to yourself and create a peaceful relationship with yourself.

Your behavior and mindset today is greatly impacted by how you were conditioned growing up. You got to unpack it. Unpack that meaning, and then give it your own meaning. It’s about learning how to manage ourselves. And there’s a maturity that we all need to have around managing ourselves and even around money.

Life is going to happen around you all the time. What you can control is how you react to reality. Life is bigger than us. But what we do have control on and where our power is, is how we respond to it.

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