Ep79 -Special offer for my podcast listeners

Today, we are having a special episode because it is my birthday week. And it’s actually the podcast’s second anniversary. I launched the podcast on my 40th birthday. And here we are two years later. I’ve learned that I’ve been much more consistent this year in 2022. It’s been an interesting two years of what we’re, how things evolved in my life – for me and the business, and I am super happy with how it’s going and what I’m doing.

How many women do you know who earn a good living but have no idea where to start? When it comes to planning what to do next? Often putting off decisions. This book is for them empowering women with their financial journeys so they can make their own informed financial decisions. In my book 10 Ways To Accelerate Your Wealth, you will discover how to change your financial habits, how to overcome your money blocks, how to reorganize your money and how to create a strong foundation, how to maximize your money and create safe saving potential, and how to create a secure and strong financial future. 

My Amazon best-seller book, 10 ways to accelerate your wealth has a total of 16 chapters which includes: Why women behave differently with money to men, my money story, money blocks, financial emotional intelligence, financial abundance matrix, 10 exercises for you to go away and do, Money Makeover program, financial milestones, investing, financial priorities, pyramid financial checklist, economy and how it affects investment decisions, ethical investing, risks and assets. And then I also have a summary at the end. So I’ve been offering my book 10 ways to accelerate your wealth for free with just postage and packaging, which is £4.50. And it will be offered free until 5th of August. 

Those listening to this podcast get the opportunity to have the book completely for free and will get the chance to win my Amazon best-seller planner for free! My Wealth Accelerator Planner is great for journaling, budgeting, planning, everything. And you can use it to do all the practical stuff that you learn in the book, you can apply it over 12 months. So, to win your free copy, all you have to do is to leave a review of my podcast, and then email me to tell me you’ve done it. That’s it. That’s all you need to do, so go and leave a review, email us. And then you will be entered into a draw to win my planner.

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For the chance to win the free planner, send your entries here: rebecca@rebeccarobertson.co.uk

Sign up here to get the free book: https://wealthstrategist.kartra.com/page/tenwaystoaccelerateyourwealthfreebook

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