EP81- Female Financial Independence Series: Your network is your net worth

In this episode today, we are going to talk about how you create the right network for you and your business. I will also give you some of my book recommendations and a bit about my local network group called Alliance Collective.

Let me start by sharing with you some of my book recommendations which will help you create better and valuable networks. 

  1. Business is Personal: The truth about what it takes to be successful while staying true to yourself by Bethany Frankel. It’s all about who you know does definitely come into account. 
  2. Key person of influence by Daniel Priestley. This talks about how you become the go to person.
  3. The Go Giver by Bob Berg and it talks about a guy who wants to get somewhere in the world but he’s finding it really, really difficult. 
  4. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey which talks about an ambitious young man who wants success as a true go-getter and how he connects with certain people.
  5. Super fans by Pat Flynn which is about how you can have followers, subscribers, customers to super fans. It’s about finding your way to stand out, grow your tribe and build a successful business.

Network refers to your network of people. Your network is basically your expanded people that you know, and who they know. So if you’re looking to grow your business, to expand your network to get more opportunities, then your network can greatly create leverage, and thus, create a pay rise or more opportunities in business.

One of the ways to increase your network is you become the go-to-person. You don’t become the go-to-person within your field by DMing people that don’t even know you. So it’s based on the fact that you need to build know, like and trust. People need to know who you are and what you’re about. You’ve got to be genuine in your own forward thinking and that you’re trustworthy. So it’s all about being really genuine in who you are and what you stand for. And be passionate about what change that you want to see in the world. With that, the genuine element in you will come across.

Where women go wrong with this is basically, they have the desire to help everybody else and don’t charge for their services, or don’t charge at all. Or oftentimes, they don’t know when to draw the lines. It doesn’t mean that you go and help literally every man and their dog, it does mean that you do that in a not a strategic way that is manipulative, but you do it in a way that just feels genuine and right to you and feels helpful. We can give back in lots of different ways. We can just help others when we see that they need help. So there’s three stages to that: 

Stage 1: It’s making sure that you have a network of people and look, think about where you want to grow it and how you want to grow it and who you want to be in that community because you want similar people to have a similar nature, the similar mindset. 

Stage 2: Ask these questions to yourself – Have I got my uniqueness together? Have I put my product together? Do I know what I’m offering?

Stage 3: Considering how you can leverage that.

One of the concerns I see on networking, whether it’s in a mastermind networking or traditional face to face or online networking, is that there’s a real lack of real connection. And what I mean by that is that, sometimes you create a network of people without really getting to know the person’s real business so you can’t figure out how you can help them.

What I really believe in when networking is being with a group of people that all have the best interests, and they put others in other people’s interests first, and the rest will come along with it. How I want to spend my time is making real, true connections with people so that we can all help and support each other. Learning from others that have made mistakes can share their experience.

About two months ago, I started my own networking group called The Alliance collective. The reason I started this group is that I wanted something that was cost effective for anybody, whatever stage of their business they were at. This is intended for anyone from any walk of life, just a real community of business women. 

What to expect inside Alliance Collective:

  1. We have a monthly call, which is a mastermind call. And everyone goes around the table talking about what they’ve got coming up and the issues that they’ve got. It’s an awesome opportunity to share and support each other in thinking bigger and daring to have a bigger vision. 
  2. We have a pod call that is all about helping and supporting each other on who and how we can help them connect.
  3. Once a quarter, we have nice meetups that might be a dinner around Christmas time and a spa day at the end of September.
  4. Coffee meetups. And we also meet up for coffee in central London, which is like a brunch, type of tea and coffee very relaxed and have some really just to really get to know each other. And we talk about business from all different genres

The membership costs £85/month for 3 months. The reason it’s not cheap is because I generally find that if you price it right, then the right people will come. And I really want people who are able to have the time to put into it. We also have a three month time period to give it a real chance to hopefully get some really good business opportunities and to give yourself real security and create more competence for you and your business.

So my questions to you today are, who is your net worth? How do you need to grow it? And how can you become more of a key person of influence? These questions will help you assess and work on growing your wealth which will allow you to accelerate your financial position not necessarily in a better life, but be absolutely more content and feel that you’re achieving the goals that you want to in life.

Listen to the full podcast here

If you’re interested to know more about Alliance Collective, you can check out and book a free 10 minute call if this membership is the right fit for you. https://wealthstrategist.kartra.com/page/alliancecollective

Or if interested to join but still have questions in mind, you can sign up and join my free zoom call called Alliance Collective Taster Day where I will discuss who is it for and what is it about.


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