EP82- If I could start over

In September, I will be celebrating my 11th anniversary of being in the business so when the opportunity came up for this week’s podcast I felt called to share with you what I’ve learned over those past 11 years and how I’ve got to where I am today.

Firstly there have been a lot of mistakes I’ve made along the way, but a whole lot of lessons I’ve learned alongside. So if I could go back and start over? Boundaries would be one of my top things I would get to work on creating and being clear with. I really feel strongly about the idea of wasting less time doing the things you shouldn’t be doing and being able to balance more accordingly to achieve the right objectives. 

So when this comes to looking at your business it’s important to make sure what you are doing is aligned. Otherwise you’ll just be spending so much of your precious time and resources on things that actually don’t matter. Stay focused.

Secondly, Stop doing things that don’t work. If you are already facing issues, make sure you work on it and resolve them sooner. 

Lastly, Focus on what works already, and just carry on doing that. Sometimes, we get into the idea that joining programs out there or signing up to different coaches will give answers and solutions to your problems. There’s nothing wrong with that but make sure to go back to your business model and see if the right elements for your business are what you get from doing that. You might just need to reassess how you do things. Go back to basics because oftentimes, it’s the simple things you have been doing that really work.

Financially speaking, stop worrying so much about pushing through earning a certain amount of money. The figures play a part in your business but it shouldn’t be all about the money, it should be about delivering a service. It’s about how you’re delivering impact and how you’re helping people. If you have that at the core of your business then the rest will just fall into place.

Over the years, I have made mistakes and learned so many lessons from them. Today, if there is something I would like to grow, it’s definitely my regulated business. I will be working out how I want the business to work long term. I’ve got some fantastic ideas and ways I want to do that. But the way that I will start it will be around the core objectives of what I want the business to look like and how we’re going to achieve it. It’s about having an impact and serving people, putting them first and delivering a really good service.

In June, 2022. I started a women’s networking group called Alliance Collective. Where we come together to share ideas and opportunities around each other’s businesses. We are able to talk, ask for support and advice that allows you to get to wherever it might be quicker. We focus on your goals and the steps you need to take to action them. 

The way that I run it is in a mastermind format. We have a monthly mastermind, a monthly collaboration pod where we work out how we can help and collaborate with each other. We also have meetups and spa days. If you want to know how I run it, you can join my Alliance Collective Taster Day where I will be discussing how I run the group, what we do, how we do it and who it is for. Sign up below to secure your seat.


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Listen to the full podcast here and feel free to share and send to anyone you think might need to hear or take something away from today’s episode.

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