Ep 115- Your Core Health Is Your Core Wealth

Today’s episode we have Linda Stephens, a health and wellness expert who specializes in women’s health and empowerment. Linda shares her personal journey from being a senior television producer to becoming a health and wellness advocate, driven by her life experiences, including the birth of her premature children and her perimenopausal journey.

Linda passionately discusses the importance of understanding and adapting to our changing hormonal bodies, especially during midlife. She dives into the implications of health on overall wealth, emphasizing that our well-being directly affects our ability to work, provide for our families, and achieve financial security. Linda highlights the idea that the core health of a person, particularly women in midlife, is their core wealth.

Throughout the conversation, Linda offers practical advice for improving health and well-being. She shares the importance of incorporating protein into one’s diet, finding the right exercise regimen, prioritizing sleep, and learning stress management techniques. She also underscores the necessity of seeking professional help when needed and the value of learning about one’s body and hormonal changes.

Moreover, Linda discusses the impact of societal pressures on women’s health and how the traditional work structure often neglects women’s hormonal cycles, insisting on the need for a more equitable system. She encourages women to find joy in life, explaining that filling life with joy can lead to overflowing positivity and better health.

This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in women’s health, particularly those navigating their midlife phase. It offers valuable insights, practical tips, and motivational encouragement to prioritize health and well-being.

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* www.WomensWellbeing.me online yoga and well-being studio for menopausal women

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