EP44 – Female Financial Independence Series: New Year Financial Detox

In this episode, I will be talking about what the next month can look like for you and things that you can do either every month or this month, to give your 2022 a kick start with your finances. I will share with you the tricks to do things more consistently.

Ultimately, what we want to do is be able to not keep spending  beyond our means. It is important to look at our finances in a way that we have  enough spare time to invest and enjoy certain financial choices and decisions we make. This enables us to save and prepare for the future without depending too much on our credit cards and loans and other financial obligations.

This NEW YEAR FINANCIAL detox can be uncomfortable and painful. It takes a good six to eight weeks if not longer for some people to create a new fresh habit but with the correct mindset and consistency, in turn, this will give you financial freedom and long-term happiness.

First, LEARN TO SAY NO. You have to assess what are the things you need to say NO to. You will then get the power to decide what you are going to be doing and how you are going to be doing it. You’re in control.

Second, THINK AHEAD. You have to think ahead so you won’t end up buying things expensive at the last minute, instead you can be more resourceful at a more acceptable cost. Thinking ahead means that you don’t have to rush to pay for something beyond your budget and have enough time to plan and find something a little cheaper.

Lastly, JOURNAL. Journaling is a great way throughout the month to journal through deciding on something that you really need or really want. General outgoings are roughly around 50% of what you’ve got coming in. The rest of it will be divided into sections and deciding how you want this money left to work.

Two best tools to guide you through your financial detox are her books called 10 ways to accelerate your wealth  and  Wealth Accelerator Planner . The book will be about managing money better in relationships and the Planner is the best tool for your journal in over 12 months and in there it breaks down basically your week and your goals. 

Here’s a link on the website, rebeccarobertson.co.uk/wealth planner, there’s a training exclusive training section for the planner, which goes through these pages in depth, but also gives you a download list to my affirmation list. 

The tools can help you put down what you’ve got at the beginning of the month. And then what actually happens. Review back at the end of the month. This then gets you to reflect on what’s going to change in the future. Finally, that is where success happens.

Listen to the full podcast here

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